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CEO Message

CEO Message

Leadership Perspective

El Seif Engineering Contracting

We have remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality since our establishment in 1975. Our world-class people & processes are the cornerstone of our success, & we take pride in cultivating a problem-solving culture with clear values and strong leadership.

Our vast knowledge of the industry and the supply chain in KSA, along with our biggest asset - our people have won us a reputation for getting the job done exceptionally, no matter how difficult it is. Our clients & partners regard us as an essential component of their success, and we are committed to anticipating their needs and fulfilling every commitment.

We have a vested interest in the country's overall economy and Vision 2030 as a leading player in the construction industry. Our megaprojects have a multiplier effect on the Kingdom's GDP, and we are committed to improving & modernizing the construction industry by implementing innovative solutions & the latest new technologies, such as modular MEP, drone & robotics, BIM 5D, Artificial Intelligence, & digitalization of our construction work processes, in order to build our company for the long term in the rapidly changing digital age.

We are committed to investing in our human capital and we continue to expand our pipeline of local talent to develop the Kingdom's future construction industry leaders. We intend to advance Saudization and contribute to the country's progress toward a better future. As a prominent player in the region's business & construction industry, we are continually expanding our resources & creating activities in strategic sectors of its regional markets. We hope to strengthen our contribution to the Kingdom's future by acting as an instrument in the region's growth and development.

We look forward to your continued support, providing exceptional quality and service.
Ahmad Al Bassam CEO
El Seif Engineering Contracting Company